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This year, it is easier than ever to hire expert essay writing services for a project. Users may not know where to start looking for these professionals, though, and a basic Google search may lead some to subpar companies. What about Reddit?

Also known as the front page of the internet, Reddit is where people can find answers to just about any question. With the latest in news, topical discussions, help guides, support groups, and more, Reddit is the perfect place to find the best essay writing services online.

Potential customers need to know what to look for and this article aims to provide people with 5 of the best essay writing services, according to Reddit.

How the best essay writing services on Reddit were evaluated:

  1. Value for money - We consolidated Reddit opinions on each services’ writer ability, turnaround time, revision specifications and cost.
  2. User experience - Discussions with seasoned customers who have experience with the Reddit essay services from A to Z.

1. GradeMiners - Most Popular on Reddit

GradeMiners offers essay writing services for people internationally. The website connects students to trained academic writers and high-quality freelancers for writing and editing projects.

The company offers a wide range of services from plagiarism checking to free revisions, community help and more for over 55,000 users monthly.

Prices with GradeMiners are higher than average, but the company makes up for that with superior quality and professionalism. Hourly fees start at $11 with a 1-4 hour turnaround time. The writer then has up to 4 days to make revisions.

What Reddit users say

There are plenty of conversations happening about Grademiners on Reddit. One customer noted relief and satisfaction with the services offered by GradeMiners. They found the quality to be expert level and would use the service again.

Individuals can find reviews and customer testimonials from the following subreddits:

  • r/EssayForAll.
  • r/testimonials.
  • r/best_essay_service.
  • r/AskReddit.
  • r/ApplyingToCollege.

2. 99Papers - Best essay service for high-qualified writers

99Papers is one of the most popular essay writing websites on Reddit, and across the internet. College students often report quick turnaround times and high grades on their essays. This is one of the cheapest essay writing services available.

This service features native English writers with master’s degrees and PhDs. Additional services include bibliography writing and plagiarism checks. Revisions are free. 99Papers is easy to use and makes for a great place for first-timers.

Prices start at $9 an hour with a 3-hour deadline. Revisions may take up to 4 days. Codes and promos are available on the official website.

What Reddit users say

Reddit users and college students love 99Papers and it is evident by the high ranking this service has received on Reddit. One user was impressed with the talent pool of writers and appreciated 99 papers for its trustworthiness, privacy policy and money-back guarantee.

Interested users can find out more about 99Papers on the following subreddits:

  • r/DoesAnybodyElse
  • r/WritingServicesTop
  • r/stressays

3. EssayBox - Best essay writing service for customer care

EssayBox is highly lauded as a quality paper writing service. They offer services across all disciplines and provide custom essay writing for papers, dissertations, term projects, etc.

The service is an affordable, professional place to buy college essay papers. Customers will find a customer service portal on the website where they can get help and have questions answered on a 24/7 basis.

Rates with EssayBox start at $12 an hour with a deadline of 3 hours. Promos are available. Revisions take 1-2 days and the site features native English writers.

What Reddit users say

A user on Reddit noted appreciation for the “preferred writer” feature that allows customers to build a relationship with a particular service provider. This person also mentioned working with a few different writers and noted that each one met his expectations.

To learn more about this writing service, check out the following subreddits:

  • r/CollegeEssayReview
  • r/collegeresults
  • r/Couponifier
  • r/EssayForAll

4. EssayFactory - Best essay writing service for the UK

Since 2016, EssayFactory has been offering international writing services and revisions for college students across the globe.

There is a full money-back guarantee for any user who is unhappy with the final product, indicating the company has great confidence in its writers. The website provides a slew of other options, from writing CVs to case studies, too.

Prices with EssayFactory start at $15 an hour with a 3-hour deadline. No discounts are available and revisions may take up to 10 days. Writers are native English speakers or have English as a second language.

What Reddit users say

A Reddit user noted EssayFactory as the best academic writing site on the net, stating they placed more than 12 orders so far and that they’re more than happy with each assignment. Each paper led the student to receive high grades.

The following subreddits have more information on EssayFactory:

  • r/EssayForAll
  • r/Couponifier
  • r/PaidWritingHelp
  • r/writegood

10 essay writing subreddits to boost anyone’s grades

Reddit can offer writing help beyond their full essay writing services. Here are 10 of the best and most active subreddits for that:

1. r/PaperMarket

This is a subreddit that helps people find the best research destinations for their papers.

2. r/DoMyHomework

This website offers help with just about any kind of homework, from essays to online tests.

3. r/HandmadeWriting

The unique and popular subreddit, HandmadeWriting, also has a website to connect students with professional writers and homework services.

4. r/ThePaperBay

ThePaperBay is a community of peers who can ask each other for help with their papers and advertise their paper writing services.

5. r/HomeworkHelp

On HomeworkHelp, people can get help with homework and essays for free. Experts are available on this subreddit to offer tips and pointers every step of the way.

6. r/stressays

Feeling stressed when writing an essay? You aren’t alone! Stressays is a great community of essay writing services for people who need some encouragement.

7. r/HomeworkCentral

As a newer subreddit, HomeworkCentral is a budding essay writing service on Reddit with fair prices and adjustable requirements offering peer-to-peer project completion.

8. r/Essay_Writing_Service

This subreddit is run by an essay writing company that offers active services for college students and anyone who needs help writing and revising their essays.

9. r/AbrahamEssays

AbrahamEssays is a self-promotional subreddit for peers and professionals offering assignment help across a variety of topics.

10. r/AdamHuler

This subreddit is named after an individual, Adam Huler, who was one of the first to offer essay writing services on Reddit. He still provides help for students across the globe.

Choosing the best Reddit essay writing service

Users should keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the best essay writing service on Reddit:

Always read reviews

Peer reviews can provide a lot of insight into these services. What do other college students say? The testimonials on Reddit are a great place to gain further information about a service that an individual might be wanting to try. This will help distinguish between trustworthy services or those that are a scam.

Make sure writers use native English

There are plenty of people who can write well, but potential clients need to check that the writer’s English is up to par. Otherwise, people can end up with a paper that is loaded with spelling and grammar errors. Again, reviews come in handy here, but so does reading a writer’s bio and qualifications.

Be clear on prices

Some distrustful companies try to hide their final price points to convince potential clients to hire someone on their site.

Interested individuals should always make sure that prices are displayed clearly. No one should have to face hidden fees. A money-back guarantee is even better, but it’s not standard. People that want extra peace of mind should keep that in mind and find a company that offers a clear return policy.

Get professional essay writing help today

Reddit is one of the best places on the internet to find essay writing services. People can also get additional help from peers in the subreddits listed above.

It can be hard to know who to trust and if they’re reliable. But by browsing this list, the subreddits and reading testimonials by other Reddit users, interested consumers can get a better idea of which essay writing service is best for them.

Get connected with services that offer high-quality essays and fast turnaround times for a fair price. This list provides a good starting point.


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